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Students for Victory in Iraq depends on you, our members, to actively participate in the ongoing campaign to prevent an unwarranted withdrawal and defeat in Iraq. Together, we collectively take action to achieve our three objectives.

I. Encourage the Administration & Congress to support the mission in Iraq

II. Educate the public about the importance of victory

III. Support members of the military, their families, and those of our allies

Below you will find the latest action items for each of these three objectives.

Call Your US Senators and Representatives and Demand Full Funding for Our Troops in Combat

Last month, the White House asked Congress for $46 billion to fund ongoing operations in Iraq and Afghanistan by the end of 2007. Washington media sources have reported that Congressional Democrats have vowed not to approve the request, indicating that they will will not act to fund these vital operations in the war against Islamist terrorism until after the new year. According to an October 23rd article in the Washington Post, "Antiwar leaders have pressed Democratic leaders to refuse to give Bush the money he needs to wage war, or at least cut it."

It is shameful that leftist activists are pressuring our Congress to deny needed funding to our soldiers in the field, and it is time to do something about it. Today, call the US Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121, ask for your Senators' and Representative's offices, and ask that they fully fund the President's request for Iraq and Afghanistan and that they provide our servicemen and women with the resources they need to succeed in combat.

Bring Vets for Victory to Your School

LTC Steve Russell (Ret.) and LTC Scott E. Rutter (Ret.), are both amazing speakers working with Vets for Victory to get the word out about facts on the ground in Iraq and mobilize Americans for victory. A number of our members have had very positive experiences with LTC Russell and/or LTC Rutter in the past, and have recieved great reviews in the past.

There are few things as effective as bringing Iraq veterans to speak on college campuses, and we definitely encourage you to look into bringing one of these gentlemen to your campus. LTC Russell commanded a unit centrally involved in the capture of Saddam Hussein, and LTC Rutter was decorated with the Silver Star for his part in the capture of Baghdad International Airport, so they have amazing stories to tell. Visit their site here and fill out the request form so that they can come to your school!


Since its founding in 1998, Adopt-a-Platoon has been working to provide mail support to troops in the field and build patriotism in schools and communities in the United States. Volunteer mothers of deployed servicemembers provide all of the staffing of Adopt-a-Platoon, and they certainly know the best ways to utilize the resources they are entrusted with to help make soldiers' lives a little better. This organization has done some wonderful things, and it is certainly worth your support.

They are beginning preparations for the 2007 holiday season, so please take some time and sign up as an Adopt-a-Platoon volunteer by filling out the application at


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