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Students for Victory in Iraq depends on you, our members, to actively participate in the ongoing campaign to prevent an unwarranted withdrawal and defeat in Iraq. Together, we collectively take action to achieve our three objectives.

I. Encourage the Administration & Congress to support the mission in Iraq

II. Educate the public about the importance of victory

III. Support members of the military, their families, and those of our allies

Below you will find the latest action items for each of these three objectives.

Sign Our Petition and Tell Congress to Fund Our Troops in Harm's Way

In February, the administration submitted a request to Congress for $145 billion to pay for continued operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the larger struggle against Islamist terrorists worldwide. Congressional leaders did not act on the request until November, when they passed a bill providing just $50 billion for our troops in combat along with a provision requiring a withdrawal of the bulk of American forces from Iraq within one year.

After more failed attempts to pass legislation ordering troops home from Iraq, Democrats have said they plan to sit on the President's request (updated to $196 billion) for war spending until next year. This delay is forcing the military to take drastic steps to pay for the needs of our soldiers, and Defense Secretary Gates has said that he has ordered the Army and Marine Corps to begin planning for a series of expected cutbacks, including civilian layoffs, termination of contracts and reduced operations at bases.

Our volunteer men and women in uniform are making tremendous gains in Iraq and Afghanistan, and they have done so with great sacrifice. Our troops have spent months apart from their families and many have given their blood and lives for a mission they believe in. It is shameful that Congress refuse to pay for the provisions, armament and supplies our troops need to survive in combat when soldiers have already sacrificed so much.

Please visit the website below and sign our petition to Congress asking them to fully fund our troops in harm's way.

Inform Yourself About the 2008 War on Terror Supplemental

Students for Victory in Iraq has produced a new fact sheet on military funding and its effect on soldiers, wounded veterans and military families, entitled "Congress Is Failing to Provide Troops in Combat with the Resources They Need." This fact sheet provides information on how the battle over the supplemental has unfolded over the past year as well as specific items that will go unfunded if Congress continues to do nothing. Download the fact sheet here.

Hold a Bake Sale for Soldiers on December 14th

In February 2007, the Administration submitted a request for $145 billion in funding for continuing efforts in fighting against radical Islamist terrorists worldwide. Congress withheld action on the supplemental until mid-November, when the House of Representatives approved $50 billion, a fraction of what the Department of Defense has said it requires to operate in 2008, and the bill was defeated in the US Senate.

Since Congress has failed to act to provide our troops in combat with the funds and resources they need, Students for Victory in Iraq is organizing a number of bake sales on college campuses across the country on December 14th to benefit Operation Homefront, draw attention to Congress' shameful inaction, and create pressure on Congress to live up to its responsibilities.

We have created a number of resources to help members coordinate bake sales on their campuses, including a new fact sheet, petition, press release and event planning guide, and all of these are available on our Virtual Toolbox page. We encourage you to check out the materials and help out our troops during this holiday season!


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