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Students for Victory in Iraq is an organization of university students committed to mobilizing, maintaining and expanding support for the American mission in Iraq on college campuses. If you are interested in becoming a member of SVI or starting a Students for Victory in Iraq chapter at your school, join our Facebook group or e-mail us!

This spring, Students for Victory is running ‘Eight Weeks to Assessment’, our campaign as part of the overall pro-victory coalition’s efforts to prepare for General Petraeus’ testimony before Congress in mid-April. Defeatist members of Congress and their leftist allies used the Gen. Petraeus’ last assessment in September as a launching pad for attacks on our mission there, our soldiers, and even the General himself, and we expect the same to occur in April. We will send you an action item every week as we prepare for this new challenge. Individually each item is simple, but as a whole, your efforts will help Students for Victory make a large difference in the struggle for Iraq and help defeat the defeatists.


Vets for Freedom is a great partner organization of Students for Victory, and that group will be kicking off a national bus tour of Iraq combat veterans in mid-March called the Heroes Tour. The Heroes Tour will bring decorated war heroes to cities and towns across the country to spread their non-partisan message of progress and freedom, and we at Students for Victory plan to do our part to make this a success. There are no better advocates for the pro-victory cause than those who have sacrificed for the mission, and by participating in this project, we can all help build support for our troops and their mission in Iraq.

This week, we are asking you to visit the Heroes Tour website at, and find a tour stop near you. If you can volunteer at any of the tour stops, please email us with the tour stop you are interested in working at and your contact information at

Locations and times for events at each tour stop will be released over the next two weeks, and we encourage you to attend.The Heroes Tour will be a great opportunity to spread news of progress overseas and give veterans the chance to inform the country about why they made sacrifices in Iraq.

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Students for Victory In Iraq