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Most Americans' information about the struggle in Iraq is disproportionately focused on bombings, mass murders and casualties due to bias in elements of the old broadcast and network media. The skewed impression fostered by this is exacerbated by the concerted efforts of groups like, ANSWER and others to shape public discourse on the conflict in a manner favorable to their goals.

Repeated users of Wikipedia are likely to notice that articles related to the war in Iraq do not carry a neutral point of view on the conflict, include far more information on 'anti-war' activism than pro-victory activism, and when military operations and concepts are discussed, include great amounts of information on negative results and often entirely omit victories. These forms of bias, whether active or passive, lead readers who seek to be informed to believe that the war is lost at home and abroad when the facts indicate the opposite.

Supporters of victory in Iraq and the greater war against Islamist extremism must take action to ensure that Wikipedia provides its readers with the full truth. Towards this end, Students for Victory in Iraq is instituting the Iraq Wiki Truth Project to mobilize and focus pro-victory Wikipedia users.

If you are a Wikipedia user and would like to participate in the Iraq Wiki Truth Project, here are some steps to get started:

  1. Be sure that you have created an account on Wikipedia by clicking the link at the upper right hand corner of the main Wikipedia site.
  2. Carefully read targeted articles about the war in Iraq, and identify inaccuracies and relevant omissions in those articles
  3. Use the sources provided below to make accurate and sourced adjustments and additions to correct inaccuracies and omissions.
  4. Be sure to follow the guidelines provided by Wikipedia for proper editing and etiquette! Our goal is to add information to improve the article, and never to censor the truth or add propaganda.
  5. If there is a particular subject or article you know a great deal about, 'adopt' it by adding it to your Wikipedia watchlist, e-mailing us about it, and maintaining the article(s) over time.

Together, we can counter the efforts of defeatists to spread false and skewed information, and make an impact to win the war at home so our servicemen and women can win the war in the Middle East.

Targeted Articles (Priority Items in Bold)

Iraq War, Awakening Movements in Iraq, Anbar Salvation Council, The New Way Forward, Operation Law and Order, 2007 in Iraq, David Petraeus, Operation Phantom Strike

Needed Articles

Diyala Salvation Council, Salahadin Salvation Council, Operation Lightning Hammer, Operation Lightning Hammer II, Multi-National Division-Iraq North, Multi-National Division-Iraq Central, Multi-National Division-Baghdad, Multi-National Division-Iraq West, Provincial Iraqi Control, Gathering of Eagles

Useful Sources for Citation

Multi-National Force Iraq (Good for military operations & info)

The Long War Journal (Good for big-picture military info and Iraqi politics)

Reuters (Excellent secondary source when needed)

Michael Yon (Good for examples and exclusive direct observations of Iraqi culture and military activities)

Michael J. Totten (Great source for Iraqi Army and Awakening info) (Good for high-level Iraqi politics)

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