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The evidence is clear: the United States is winning in Iraq. Despite the willingness of the mainstream media to ignore democratic progress in Iraq, General Petraeus’ counterinsurgency plan has borne fruit and the democratically-elected Iraqi government is working to bring reconciliation to the people of Iraq. Now, as pro-victory citizens, it is our task to help bring about political progress in Washington for the military progress our troops have secured abroad.

This spring, Students for Victory is running ‘Eight Weeks to Assessment’, our campaign as part of the overall pro-victory coalition’s efforts to prepare for General Petraeus’ testimony before Congress in mid-March. Defeatist members of Congress and their leftist allies used the Gen. Petraeus’ last assessment in September as a launching pad for attacks on our mission there, our soldiers, and even the General himself, and we expect the same to occur in March.

To prepare for the upcoming struggle, we will be rapidly assembling a 'ground game' in eight steps. For the next seven weeks, we will send you an action item every week. Individually each item is fairly simple, but as a whole, your efforts will help Students for Victory make a difference in the struggle for Iraq and help defeat the defeatists.

Week 1: Invite Five Friends

Students for Victory works closely with other pro-mission groups, particularly Vets for Freedom, a national organization of Iraq war combat veterans. They are fantastic advocates for the movement, and they have requested our help in operating events and activities. Combat veterans who have willingly fought and sacrificed for the mission are the best advocates for victory out there, and we can make a huge difference by working with them across the country. A well-known political strategist, who, until recently, worked for the President, told us that the most important goal for pro-mission activists is to find and work with allies, and we take that advice very seriously.

Building on that goal, for Week 2 of “Eight Weeks to Assessment,” we are asking you to nominate state coordinators for your state. Students for Victory state coordinators will recruit campus coordinators in their state, manage pro-victory student advocacy dealing with their state’s US Senators, and coordinate Students for Victory activities with their state’s Veterans for Freedom state captain. The national Students for Victory team will be there to help you along the way! This week, e-mail us and nominate a student (free free to nominate yourself) who you believe would be an excellent coordinator of the pro-victory student movement in your state.

This week, we are asking you to nominate a Students for Victory state coordinator (including yourself) for your state by e-mailing us at

Vets for Freedom values your help so much that they will pay for the top performing Students for Victory state coordinators to fly out to Washington in March for their Vets on the Hill event. The participants of the event last September were invited to the White House and were able to spend a great deal of time with a number of influential policy makers involved with the mission. The itinerary is not yet settled, but the trip will undoubtedly be a special experience for all involved.

What You Can Do This Week!

We need pro-victory activists like yourselves to step up to be Students for Victory state coordinators nationwide! You will have the opportunity to lead the pro-victory movement in your state and a number of you will get the opportunity to go out to Washington DC for free and play a direct role in the upcoming showdown in March. If you or someone you know would be interested in being a state coordinator, e-mail us at!

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